1) How much notice do you need?

Whenever you've got a definite date in mind.

Anything is fine with us except same day bookings. They always end up a mess.

2) Do we need Transit Protection?

Transit Protection is there for when there are damages or losses without negligence. For example when there is a vehicle fire, load shift from a broken tie rail or a removalist slips over whilst walking backwards up some slippery stone outside stairs in the rain with your chest of drawers.

Transit Protection rates depend on the option you choose and accompany each quote.

The choices are Fire Overturning Collision, Fire Overturning Collision and Theft and All risk (subject to some exclusions - See suggested service terms for details).

3) How firm are the prices ?

Fixed prices are firm as long as the goods to be moved and the floors, lifts and walking distance are as indicated. All long distance jobs are based on fixed prices.

For jobs under 200 Km hourly rates are also presented. For hourly rates the list of items to be moved is not as critical. It mainly impacts on the size of truck we send.

4) What sort of equipment do you use?

Our trucks are fully equipped with blankets and ties.

These are to protect your unwrapped furniture items during transit.

5) How do I pay?

If its an hourly rated job we obviously won't know the price till its finished. So just pay the driver, either cash or credit card on completion.

Fixed price jobs will need to be paid before pickup, just like airline tickets and goods bought in a store.

You can pay by EFT directly into to our bank account. Our bank account details will be on our invoice when it is emailed to you. EFT payments attract a small discount.

If you pay by credit card, you can pay securely online, call our office and give us the card details over the phone or write your card number on our invoice and fax or email us a copy.

You can also pay cash to the driver on pickup, although we kind of prefer it if they didn't keep large quantities of cash on them or in the truck cabin for security reasons.

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